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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
IF - and it is only "if" - I remember correctly its .75" for the side bezels and top. I cant remember the bottom numbers but think its in the inch to two inch range. Sorry cant be more specific than that.

I hope other companies take note of this tech and start using it. I for one would LOVE to see a dell 27" or 30" ultrasharp be built using it.

And thanks guys for all the positive feedback. I personally LOVE this monitor. Its the first monitor that makes my two year old NEC look like crap in comparison. Hell its out and out RUINED me for gaming on 24". Just can't see myself gaming in 2D @ 1920 resolutions anymore. I can seriously see myself buying this monitor for my gaming rig..... ASAP.
Would you be comfortable saying that the review might apply mostly to its smaller 24" brethren? I really like the PLS tech but I can't justify spending $1000 (including the new video card that I'll have to buy to utilize the monitor for gaming) for new panel.

I'm srsly tempted to return the U2412M now and get the S24A850DW, instead.
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