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My System Specs


My two honest suggestions would be:

Armor A90 - The cooling capabilities of the case are good, coupled with Yateloons it is ultra silent and very cool. My 580 Doesn't break 65 maxed out, nor does my X6 even sweat. Idles at 24, loads full at 36 range (again all this varies depending on my house ambient).

MY only real complaint about the A90 is thinner than normal side panels which do have flex in them if you put pressure on the (excessively). But really, your case is to sit so it really is a non issue.
Plus there is a little bit of force needed to get the damn side panel on. But that makes for a nice secure tight fit. The front door (which is usually a weak point on cases) is very strong and solid on its hinges. A very nice touch.

Coolermaster Storm Scout - I honestly regret ever selling this case. I did to move on to bigger and better cases...and well I really miss it for hauling my gear around to my cousins house. It does have small issues with big big cards (I highly doubt my 580 would fit in it, but I could be wrong) I know when I had my 275 from EVGa it was TIGHT, but fit.
It does however keep your hardware VERY cool, and the entire case metal + plastic and all is very soild and well constructed. This is a case I want to buy again before they don't make them anymore.
I love it.

Somethings to think of at least. Both Cases have Full Front Filters, but no side filters.


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