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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Samsung's new 27A850D is a unique 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor that bridges the gap between high priced 30" products and the lower quality, less expensive 1080P panels that have cluttered the market. They have achieved a balance between price and image quality by using a proprietary PLS panel technology, something we haven't seen outside of tablets.

Article URL:
Solid review from AkG. He's gonna keep this thing isn't he?

Originally Posted by aristhrottle View Post
Great review. I don't really know what PLS is, but this monitor seems to check out. I'm thinking of getting the 24" version.
IPS is Hitachi's in-plane-switching that is popularized in TVs by LG and Panasonic, and on the desktop monitor side by LG and Dell/Apple

PLS is effectively the same thing with mostly the same strengths and few weaknesses, but Samsung seems to have the edge in clarity and perceived white uniformity because of their smoother anti-glare. It also seems to help viewing angles, as it minimizes contrast loss from the "hazy" effect that LG puts on their screens, at least in well lit conditions.

The best description would be to say it's as clear as a glossy, but without the annoying reflections.

I have an up close pixel shot comparing the 24" PLS with my Dell U2412M here. You can see the bottom pixel shots of the Dell U2412M with the LG panel have a "marbled look" to them while the Samsung/top is smoother:

This is also their attempt to steal back the Dell contract they lost to LG. Remember the 2408WFP and 2709W from Dell were Samsung S-PVA, and since then the entire UltraSharp series has moved to LG IPS.

Apple will likely always be LG especially now that Samsung and Apple are playing legal chess games in every continent.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Calibration "eyeball" settings are on the second to last page.

As for people thinking of the 24", be aware that we have seen reports of serious backlight bleed issues.
Those are good settings. I got similar from my colorimeter.

One really strange thing with this screen in terms of RGB settings: All RGB settings in the custom color area go to 50 and control white/grey color temperature, but then after/above 50 they actually control color "gain".

The 24" is a huge disappointment in back-light bleed. It's too bad because it adds VGA and is lower lag than the 27", as well as needing lesser GPU power.

I am on S27A850 #2. The first had better/less BLB than the 24" but a dead blue sub-pixel. The second had better BLB(back-light bleed) than the first and it's actually improved since purchase and is perfect.

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Ah, thanks, for whatever reason I must have glossed over that part. Once again, its and absolutely amazing monitor and I'm glad at the price I got it at. NCIX sale + MemoryExpress PM = under 800$ before taxes with free shipping.
Great deal on that screen. I got it for $816 plus dead pixel warranty from NCIX, plus taxes and local pick-up, and stupid Ontario "eco tax"

Eco Tax on an LED back-lit, low mercury screen? Thanks Ontario, have you seen the power usage?

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"

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