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My System Specs


Very nice looking monitor. Although somewhat minor, not having the inputs of HDMI or VGA is a major downer for me, well mainly the VGA. Believe it or not but I have a VGA cable hooked to my Dell 27" here at work. Why? because we still have lots of older notebooks and desktops that only have vga, so it is nice to be able to plug them into my monitor quickly when testing and such. So there is that issue, and then there is the issue with the location of the USB ports. While sure you could just connect things you want to stay connected, I know I use the ones on the side of my Dell all the time with my thumb drives. All in all though, really only nitpicking about it, it sure looks like it would be a very nice monitor to get.

Plus it gives us another option to give to people when they are talking about getting a new monitor.
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