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I bought this monitor before the review done here, but on some great advice anyways, and what I have to say is that this monitor looks absolutely amazing. It puts everything else I've ever used to shame, even making my secondary acer monitor look like a piece of crap.

I know you had a little negative to say about the USB hub location, though I plugged three items I'll never be removing all the time into it (keyboard, mouse webcam) and I have no real complaints as I never plan on going back there and swapping devices. The lack of VGA doesn't surprise me as really this older technology needs to just be left out to the pastures, though with a cheap (and normally included) vga to dvi adapter I don't see the lack of VGA a real downside. The lack of HDMI was a slight surprise, but yet again you can get hdmi to dvi adapters and cables (which I own one) which rectifies this. The fact it has DP is very nice for those wanting to run eyefinity as you won't have to buy an active adapter for your third monitor to run (and enable eyefinity).

I can try to remember to measure the bezels for you grampa if you want to know it when I'm done work today.

AkG, do you have any calibration settings/recommendations that you use/prefer/loved when using this monitor?
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