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I had the same question and i solved it but here were my choices

Corsair 500r ~120$ black or ~135$ white
Dimensions : 20.5 x 8.1 x 20
great air cooling and supports H***

CM HAF 932 ~160$
Dimensions : 22.70" x 9.00" x 21.50"
great air cooling and supports H***, looks is love/hate but i personally love it

CM storm trooper ~200$
Dimensions : 23.8" x 9.8" x 22.8" a little bigger but honestly its just epic
Everything u want including the kitchen sink with heated water!!!
great reviews from newegg, and from Tom on Overclock3D :: Review :: CM Storm Trooper Review :: CM Storm Trooper Review

the trooper sold me and thats what ill be using.

there are many more cases but this is what i found to be the cream of the crop for air/water hybrid in the "mid sized" cases

good luck
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