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Default Packet loss - Fustration!

well folks. Im about to rip my hair out and attack the next living creature that comes within arms distance.

About a month ago i started experiencing some pretty heavy packet loss while playing some games. ( varying from 2-10% according to sites below)
ICSI Netalyzr
Test your connection

I started doing the whole check up.
Direct connected to my computer, replaced all the wires, updates all my drivers for both the modem and computer. No solution. I ended up talking to a bell representative and coming to the conclusion that my router must have short circuited or something due to old age and so i shipped it to them and got a replacement.

Upon plugging in my new modem, it worked great! no packet loss and i was back in business.... Until today. At this point i don't know what to do anymore. If by tomorrow afternoon its still the same im going to have to contact bell support again.

Is there anything else i can possibly do(did i possibly forget to check something etc)? i feel so helpless and it just so unbelievably frustrating.
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