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Default New mid tower case suggestions!

Hey everyone, big fan of Hardware Canucks, just never had a reason to register until now.

I built my PC back in 2009 and got an Antec 900, which I've loved since I bought. However, going on nearly 3 years of use, I'm ready for something new, and I'm wanting to get something with better cooling than what I get ATM.

I had waited for a long time for the Antec 1100 reviews, and just read them and was sorely disappointed with what I found. So basically I'm here looking for suggestions. I've been thinking about Corsair but I'm just not totally sure what I need for my requirements.

I'd rather not spend over 200 but would be willing to if need be. I probably won't be water cooling, except for the CPU with a corsair hxxx cooler. Sound isn't really an issue for me as my current system sounds like a jet, and I'm so used to it that I feel uncomfortable when it's turned off. I don't need anything larger than a mid size tower and aesthetics aren't HUGE for me, but a better looking case is preferable. Build material quality is extremely important to me, I can't stand working with stuff that feels and looks cheap.

So to sum it up:

- High quality build
- Air cooled for most part
- Aesthetics mildly important
- Mid size tower
- Brand doesn't really matter

Thanks for taking the time to read :)
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