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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Pelt View Post
I think you did quite well considering your PSU wasn't up to the task. I'd be interested to see what you'll be able to achieve with your beefier PSU. Although I would opt for a larger PSU not just for over clocking but for future expandability. You maybe able to get by for a little while with a 650; but should you decide to like the new clock speeds you get with your upgraded PSU, I'd advise not to get used to the them. Because eventually you will upgrade that video card and you'll be back to square one.
Thanks :)

I will be Upgrading my aging XFX-5770 in good time has i have already had to clock the crap out of it to get BF3 to run smooth on high settings,- 16x ASF...., so you have a point. i might just go for a XFX 750 or thermal... 775 if i can.
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