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My System Specs

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I found this site googling Wprime benchmark results, i wanted to compare results of my 1090T to i5 / i7's
I'm in no way expecting to match 2500 / 2600K's but was interested to see how close my results get considering the CPU is somewhat cheaper.

I see there are Wprime benchmark threads here but they are for 32nm CPU's, my CPU is an old fashioned 45nm, are there any 'just CPU' benchmark threads? if not i may start one.

However right now my rig is feckless at overclocking due to my crappy PSU, i did manage to get my 1090T to run @ 3.9Ghz but it did not take long for my PSU to protect its self from death by Heat-Stroke in shutting its self down, it took 2 minutes for it to cool before my computer came back to life.

Anyway, just two notches on the clock multiplier is all the PSU can handle before it has a fit, so the CPU is running @ 3.4Ghz up from 3.2.

I will be getting an XFX 650 Pro or Thermaltake 675 PSU in a couple of weeks, i hope that will give me 4.2Ghz or more on the CPU.

As it is at 3.4Ghz the Wprime result was 8.622 sec

I think that's not bad at all for a 130 ($200) CPU. what do you think?
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