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My System Specs

Default Taking forever for my 6128s :(

I bought a pair of 6128s through ebay about a week ago and I checked the track s latest upday and Your item departed our AUSTIN, TX 78710 sort facility on November 16, 2011.
I live on the west coast and sure wished they would get here lol I am wondering how much longer will I have to wait.
I guess all I need is cpu heatsinks I am still not sure where and how I am going to set this up I have no case and am debating on just butchering an old case that was used for a Pentium and mounting the board on it with a fan or two blowing on it open air. if I had the room I would just mount the whole system on a piece of plywood the mount the plywood on a wall. I was going to do that with a firewall I am in the process of building but I am nopt sure if I can get a decent wifi card to work.

in the mean time not knowing when my cpus will arrive I am wondering if it would be worth shutting down my Q6600 folder and replacing it with a AMD 955be but I am not sure of how much more PPDs I would get if any.
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