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Thanks for tuning in and commenting! I don't wanna ship this one off, I want to keep it :D hahaha...Ok, for the lower two 5.25 bays, installing Alphacool's LCD, 240x128 Pixel Blue Negative. Making a "distressed look" overlay applique for the screen. LCD will have Heads-Up Display with current system stats, Logos and images from firefly, including the Allied Spacecraft Crest logo, all programmed by Toby Kirkby aka tobyak ...and best quotes from the Serenity Movie and firefly series, like "Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my gorram ship for no apparent reason?!" :duh:

fyi: performance-pcs sells the Silver version of Alphacool LCD for $50 less than Black one, so save $$$ and paint it Black!

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