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i'm just packing it in my truck, from one rigsite to another. i've got an 07 tundra extra cab, with a roll and lock tonneau cover on the box, the smallishness i'm looking for is mostly just for convinience, not so much that its a pain to pack around cause really, its just one more thing of the scads of crap i cart from one job to another. I play FSX a... lot... sooooo i'm really looking for performance equal to the computer i have at home, thats why i was thinking quad core and raid drives, both of those make the most difference with the performance of the program. the laptop i've got now does a fairly good job with fsx and i can replace it with similar performance for around 1100 bucks... but i dont want similar performance, i want mooooore lol then i can feel the extra money spent was justified. As for the noise, you can take the loudest and most obnoxios computer you ever heard in your life, and it might come close to the two defening POS computers i have to work with every day (they are so loud i have my laptop 1 foot from my face and i need to have over the ear headsets on to hear a movie play) I've been thinking of covertly upgrading them to noctua p12s... so no matter the noise this computer makes with modern fans, i wont hear it over the other two. The computer i have at home has a total of 12 fans on it and i can barely hear it in my silent house, it goes to show that modern cooling solutions should be able to cool a modestly overclocked computer fairly well with only a little extra noise.

I think that if i cant have both; small form factor and performance, i would consider getting a smallish atx case. I think the extra 6 inches of case it will make will be well offset by the enjoyment of a performance designed computer.

I thought of getting the e8400 to help with heat, but again, fsx is one of those few games that actually utilize all cores on a cpu, and the quads really out perform them in the game. especially when using photo real sceanery.

i noticed that silverstone case has 2 hd bays and 2 dvd bays, i only need one dvd drive so i could modify the other drive to put a 3rd hard drive in, i've been looking at the 150 gig raptors, they're a bit pricy but i think i'll get a tremendus boost of performance with 3 on raid 0 I could live with only 2 gigs of ram, if it'll save some case temps and the price of the gts has come down alot, so i might opt for the gts over the gt. I've already got one gts, so after getting another i could use them in sli when i'm not working :D course im going to have to get a different m board... damn intel chipsets... Im assuming sli is impossible in matx?

is case temps really going to be a huge problem? lets say if i used a stock clock Q9450, 2 x1gb high quality ram, a gts and 3 raptors on an matx board with the silverstone (or similarly designed nicely ventilated) case?
is it even worth it to go with the Q9450 over a mildly overclocked q6600? do the 45nm cores run any cooler? Is it just ambient case temps that will pose the problem? It looks like there would be enough room for a couple noctua p12s (the king of 120mm fans IMO) if i velcro them to the side of the case blowing out through those huge vent holes.

as for the monitors, i have an extra, action packer box here im planning on putting the monitors into, those things are ALOT more resiliant than you might believe, the ones we've been using have been trucked around on semi truck flat beds down bush roads and not so gently unloaded by un experienced frontend loader operators for years now with no problems at all, so i'm not so worried about transporting them in a nice foamy action packer in the box of my super smooth riding tundra ;) That monitor cover looks like a great idea though, i do think i'll be investing in a pair of those, thanks for that tip madrach!!

that tech station case looks like something i need at home lol, my computer is actually just sitting on this little stand my wife used to put my sox in... with 6 hard drives, a dual and a triple radiator in push pull config i just couldnt find a case it would comfortably fit in, the tech station case would make my setup look a little more professional hehe.

so i guess my questions are...
will case temps be a huge problem?
if i didnt mind the extra noise, can i solve the heat problem with a few p12s inside the box?
whats the best ram out there today? i'm pretty happy with my balistix, but i hear alot of good things about the redlines too..
is there much difference between the q6600 and the Q9450 (other than the extra 200mhz... what i mean is overclockability, cooler load temps, ect. i was thinking about getting it if its a better overclocker than the q6600, and putting it in my home rig, and my current q6600 in my travel rig)
can i get sli on an matx board?
what is a good matx board (needs onboard sound/lan would be nice if it had on board wireless, at least 4 sata ports, a decent raid controller (non intel), sli (?) and 50 usb ports so i dont run out anymore)
what kind of read speads should i expect with 3 raptors in raid 0? ( i dont care about redundancy, all my files are stored on external drives, only thing that will be on this computer is a stripped down copy of xp, ms office, msn messenger, foxit pdf reader, cute pdf writer, winrar and FSX.
Am i asking too much for an matx rig? should i just bite the bullet an try to find a smallish atx case?

sorry for all the googleable questions, i just really dont have the time... i just got home, i've been up for 29 hours, 10 of that driving and i'm exhasted and cant think streight. I'm hoping to go to the city tomorrow and picking up most of the parts, i've only got 2 days off and i dont know when i'll be back again, so i need to build this as fast as i can, im probly going to be somewhat limited to what the local shops carry as i unfortunatly wont be able to wait for shipping, i just hate going uninformed, i have a habit of making bad on the spot decisions :( thanks for the help in advance friends! i'm off to bed before i fall on the floor ;D

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