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My System Specs


So.. I've been using these for a few days and here is my thoughts.

1) They are much larger than I expected (didn't check the dimensions when buys) and are bloody heavy at that.

2) They are pretty damn loud for my needs.

3) The quality is good, not superb but very decent. I think an investment in a decent sound card would show what they can really do.

4) No need for a separate sub.
While they don't give the same punch as a system with a separate one the lows are nice, warm and not muddy like my last system (cheap logitec pos)

Overall I'm pretty happy.. for their price (95 $) the quality is very good.

I give them (in respect to their price point and a 2.0 system) 8 - 8.5/10
Could be better but my sound-card (on-board) is at least half of the minor lack in audio quality I can hear.
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