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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chef View Post
I was thinking to myself earlier today, and have been pondering on these questions for a while.

1. If you have 3 gpu's, running at x16, x8, x8. Isn't that the same as having 2 gpu's running at x16, x16?
No, because a single GPU doesn't even come close to saturating x16 (except maybe a 590)

2. If you have a crossfire setup, does the system use the memory from both cards?
With crossfire/sli, each card renders the entire screen (usually) and takes turns, therefore it has to render the entire screen on your vram of a single card at a time... so you're always limited to the vram of a single card (otherwise it'd have to render part of the image on one card and the other part on another card and load balancing would be a headache...)

Why i've been thinking...

I bought my second gpu to crossfire and have enough extra to buy my third, but not sure if it's worth it. Which brings me to another question...

Will my Corsair AX850 handle 3, or possibly 4 radeon hd 6850's, an overclocked 1090t, an ssd, and an HDd?
If it's a reasonable o/c on air, then it should be fine for all of that without sweating. I don't think you can even run 6850s in 3-way crossfire, so forget about it (unless I'm miss-informed).
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