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My System Specs


A few days with the Toshiba AT100 Tablet (called the Toshiba Thrive in the US) and here are the pros and cons:

- full size USB and HDMI
- USB handles any jump drive I throw at it no problem
- USB port can use a USB keyboard and mouse. I plugged in a wireless USB dongle, and was able to use a wireless keyboard and mouse instantly. If you include the HDMI out, it is very possible to use this tablet like a PC, without any type of dock. Just us the existing ports.
- SD cards mount no problem
- battery life is good
- solid wireless N connections
- replaceable battery, without voiding warranty
- Honeycomb version 3.1 stock. Tegra 2 performs good. Very responsive.
- full charge in about an hour. See cons below, however.

- its a bit thick, due to the replaceable back and full-sized ports
- the battery charger is the same size as a small laptop adapter. No USB charging.
- US reviews of the same unit mention that the Thrive comes with Logmein Ignition. Seems the Canadian version does not.

So far, really liking this tablet. Toshiba has said that Ice Cream Sandwich will be available in the US for the Thrive, so hopefully it will make it to Canadian units as well.
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