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Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Thanks. IMO RAM Disk is really only useful if you plan on doing a great deal of encoding, editing, video processing or similar without rebooting the system. Other than that it seems like it would be more trouble that it is worth. RAM caching on the other hand is something that could benefit anyone and if you have all that extra memory why not use it. The reason I added that section was just to give readers an idea of what to do with 32GB of memory. I mean you can get an 8GB kit for $40 these days so why not fill up the slots right?

Sorry I meant RAM caching. Is this feasible for a x58 or z68 sytem (assuming 24GB RAM or another large amount), or is it something that really only shines in the x79 systems? I've never heard of it before, but it sounds interesting, so I'll definitely need to look into it.
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