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Default High Temps

I don't like the temps I am getting from my overclock. I have an E2140 @ 2.6GHz. The vcore is set to 1.35v in the BIOS and the new CPUz is showing 1.32v. My temps are 33C-35C at idle and 57C at 100% load. The room temperature is around 23C-24C.

My case is a Coolermaster CM690 that is close to the floor. I have an AC7 Pro, that contains either MX-1 or MX-2 paste pre-applied. Originally I had 3x120mm fans set to exhaust all the air and I figured this was the problem. So I took one of the 120mm exhaust fans and inverted it so it is an intake and I connected the front 120mm fan as an intake and added a 120mm fan at the back of the drive bays blowing air towards the CPU. My temps have not changed. In the BIOS my CPU temp shows 25C. Both Core Temp and Speed Fan show the same temps 33C-35C at idle and 57C at 100% load. Is there usually that much of a difference between the BIOS and temperature monitoring programs? Which temps would you trust. I have a funny feeling I'm going to have to reseat the AC7 Pro, which will have to wait until I order some AC MX-2 TIM. If I have to reseat the AC7 Pro, I want to clean off all the TIM and check to ensure the HSF base is flat and level. I may try and lap it.

Here is a diagram showing the airflow layout.

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