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Buying a "good" sound card WILL make a difference. You don't need one that is THX certified to be consided good. A $50.00 sound card is on the edge of being in the "good" catagory. $70.00 and up will serve you well. As far as headphones go,the choices are myriad. I much prefer analog 5.1 surround headphones. USB,dolby digital etc. provide a "Virtual" or "Simulated" surround. 5.1 analog is a true surround,and the only way to go,in my opinion. I base that opinion on the 5.1 analog cans I have now or have had recently. In the $100.00 to $150.00 range I have, or had,Roccat Kave,Tritton AX Pro 51,Tritton PC 510 HDa,Turtle Beach HPA2,and the CM Storm Sirus 5.1. The CM Sirus headphones can be connected two different ways, either by USB or analog,which is kind of a neat feature. At the higher price range,is Psyko. Psyko is a totally different beast than others I have mentioned. All other 5.1 analog headphones have 3 or 4 drivers in each ear cup. Psyko has 5 drivers placed in the Headband. similar in placement to your 5.1 desk top speakers. I have the new Carbon series that I use pretty much every day. Every day I'm gaming,that is. Psyko also has a lesser priced Krypton series that sell for less than $150.00. The Carbon series go for about $180.00. Understand,I'm no expert,I just know what sounds best when gaming. Psyko allows the BEST positional and surround sound awareness of ANY set I have ever tried. It's all in the design,which has been patented by Psyko. All that being said,there is yet another set on the horizon from Razer. The new Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headset is due for release any day now. What got my attention with this set is,that they are analog. If you don't have a 7.1 sound card,5.1 works just as it should. I think they will go for a little over $100.00. I'm going to buy a set as soon as they hit the market. What ever you end up doing,let us know. Good Luck!
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