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Exclamation help

Hi All. I just purchased a new rig about a month ago and am now trying to find the best way to get surround sound out of a pair of headphones? I just dropped over 130.00 dollars Canadian on a pair of turtle beach X12 headphones and am using the Ear force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor. I have the DSS hooked up to my Computer Via Optical for sound and USB for the power it needs.
Xbox 360 Gaming Headset | Ear Force X12 | Turtle Beach
So as you can see they hype it up! Anyways, I really feel like these are not good enough?
First off, When using your PC for sound I am basically relying on the on board sound card from my MOBO right? So would buying a 50 dollar sound card that is THX certified really make any difference over my on board sound which is supposed to be pretty good anyway? Or do I need to step up to the 150 dollar Sound card range to see any improvement over my On board sound?
Next, Should I be using the optical for sound or is the USB better for surround? I know when I hook up my PC to my AMP Via Optical and crank up my 5.1 surround setup it sounds great. But something seems to be missing by going with these "Surround Sound Gaming Headphones"
I am wondering what I should do? I can try and sell my Current headphones and DSS and look for a pair of better surround gaming headphones, but then do I look for a set of head phones that rely on a seperate digital amp like the DSS that came with the DX12's? Or do I just use my Home amp for the surround sound and just look for a pair of good Surround headphones?
I know I am asking alot in a post, But I need the best advice I can get. And this site has always helped when I needed it.
Should I be looking for a surround headphone set that comes with the digital amp with the head set? Or should I be relying on my House amp with optical cable hooked to PC to make the sound?
Then, The all important question. Which set of headphones to get. I have been looking around and see diff types of surround headsets. Some have three to four separate speakers in each left and right side. And can anyone recommend me a good set for around 100-150 dollars? Or is that not even enough? I don't care about them being wireless or not. I think I would get better sound out of a wired set right?
Thanx to all who read this whole post, And to anyone that gives some advice.
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