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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Bugs. Glitches. Crossfire only loading the cards at 50%?
Oh yeah, dont even go near a Giant, you lose. And if you happen to run past someone that wants to talk to you? you automatically stop and the giant kills you. Sweet....

I miss Oblivion. Extremely unimpressed.

Hahaha. Get to lvl 15 or so and they become less "challenging", and they are very a test, I walked up behind one to *touching* distance, he didn't turn on me. So, I cleaved his skull for him.

Yes, there are glitches, I get flash crashes to dsktop, probably the 2GB memory bug, but it happens only after 7-8 hours play and, on the latest one, I knew it was coming because dialogue exiting started to bug. Restart game, no problems.
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