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My System Specs


Update time:

Second coat of icy white done, unfortunately I wasnt happy with how it turned out as it had bubles in some places, at first I though it was just trapped air, but when I sanded it down and re-painted it, it appeared again, I noticed some other imperfections on the rest of the screen, yet not on the netbook so it cant be the paint, aniway, sanded it all down, got rid of the paint, reaplied 2 coats of primer just to make sure, white, same thing happened, must have something to do with the material of the screen, no idea, aniway, since at this stage I am not discarding this screen Ive done my best in disguising the imperfections.

Aniway, covered the parts that would remain white and started on the black parts:

Once dried I removed the masking tape, there is some detailing work needed but no problems, its easy enough : )

Figured Id do a test mount of the backplate:

Unfortunately found out that it wasnt as perfect fit as I though but no problem, sanded down certain parts in order to make it a perfect fit and...

Pretty perfect fit no? ; )

So marked the backplate, following the black patern, took it off and started painting it:

2 coats done, now have to wait for the second coat to try, mount it, do some detailing where the black has gone in to the white a bit, lacquer the whole thing and well go from there.

Next update hopefully tomorrow : )
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