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Originally Posted by DeViLzzz2008 View Post
The only reason to care for me about this game is I may be able to make some money off it. I did enjoy my previous Blizzard gaming experiences but they didn't really do anything in WOW in terms of making the game more relaxed in terms of time played per week and so quite frankly I don't want to give them my money anymore. I really wish people would see Blizzard and heck many companies out there as they are only after the almighty dollar instead of giving players good gaming experiences in healthy ways.
Yeah, I don't really buy that--not with Blizzard's track record. Now, it could be that you're too young, , or were simply never into Diablo II, or Warcraft III, and only really know blizzard from WoW. While I agree about WoW, in that I've never supported a model of gaming that requires a continual feed of money to use software I had to purchase in the first place (though I suspect those that were more into the game may argue that the effort Blizzard dedicated to WoW required some additional income model), DII and WCIII were WAY ahead of their time in terms of gaming experience.

Regardless of what you think of either game, it was the implementation of that was the real amazing step forward. A completely FREE, regularly updated and patched, FULLY SUPPORTED online experience....Did I mention that it was F-R-E-E??? If that doesn't bespeak a company concerned with the gaming experience, I don't know what does. And so far as healthy enjoyment? Like all vices, that has to be up to the consumer. Did I spend some unhealthy amounts of time on both games? Probably. But is that Blizzard's fault? Absolutely not.

Now, as for the future, who knows? DIII may be nothing but a soulless, money-sucking, unsupported POS. However, given Blizzard's previous track record with the series, I'm willing to consider them innocent until proven guilty. And no, I don't consider the need for internet connection a guilty verdict. Given the duping and cheating issues DII had, the need for constant connection is well justified, IMO--though again, I realize some will disagree.
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