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Default Lian Li PC-8NWX (December 2012 Update)


It has been a while since I've done anything with my rig (view original post below), but I decided to have fun with my computer once again before chrismas and here is what it looks like!

Changes I have made since last year:

- Removed the hard drive cage and installed an iSTARUSA BPN-DE340SS hot-swap cage
- Replaced my seasonic semi-modular PSU with a Silverstone ST55F-G.

I finally bought a crimping tool from Nils and made my own cables for the first time and all I have to say is why didn't I do that before? I sleeved everything in Shade 19 and Color-X and I'm really enjoying the combo. All the screws have also been replaced by button heads.

It's not a whole lot done to it, but removing the hard drive cage makes the case look so much bigger inside!

Here are some pics:


Original November 2011 Post

A month or two ago, I got bored of my old 690 II case and decided it was the right time for some change. I found the CM case look too ''childish'' for me now and so I decided to change case and make everything look sweet and classy inside. Ive always wanted a lian-li case but did not want something enormous or even as big as my old case, so I jumped on a PC-8NWX.

Here is my old rig: My CM 690 II Advanced Build

Just a reminder of my specs:

Lian Li PC-8NWX
Seasonic M12II 520W
Asus Maximus 3 Formula
I5 750 @ 4ghz (1.3v)
8gb of G.Skill Ripjaws @ 1600mhz + Arctic Cooling Ramsinks
Corsair H60
EVGA GTX 570 + Backplate
X-Fi Titanium HD
Crucial C300 64gb
WD Caviar Black 750gb
2x Seagate 750gb Drives for data

The PC is pretty much the same except the cpu cooler, another 4gb of ram with arctic ramsinks and a backplate for my 570. All of those are pretty much for the look only. I use both GTs as my intake and exaust fans as well.

Here is what it looks like now :

PS: I am not the greatest at sleeving >.< but I did my best!

Here is the full album:

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