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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Interesting... you'll definitely get a boost in multithreaded apps with integer loads (which BD was made to do), but you're surely taking a penalty for single threaded applications, given that Bulldozer's single-threaded performance is about where the Core2 (1 generation behind your P55) sits.

Clock that Bulldozer chip to the limit of stability if you expect it to stand a chance in gaming against your older CPU
You won't get very far with the overclocking without a better CPU cooler - I'd go to the tier of the Corsair A70 or higher at least, with Bulldozer chips consuming more power than anything else on the market when overclocked.
Yup, I will be puttin on me H212+ this evening and some good TIM. I hope to get 4.0GHz, we'll see what happens. I was curious to compare the performance of a BD core to a P55 core. You are right that the single threaded performance will be quite poor on BD and I'm sure it will show in the benches.

Originally Posted by PeregrineFalcon View Post
You lost a bet, didn't you.

Good for you for your public display of technomasochism, but for the $350 you flushed away on BD, you could and should have gotten an i5-2500k/Z68 combo.

But as long as you learn something, I guess.
Quite right. I actually had an opportunity to pick up a used 2600k/z68 combo here from someone, and would have only been maybe another $50-75 more than what I paid for the BD setup. But, I chose this.
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