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My System Specs

Default P55 Upgrade build: AMD FX-6100 & 990FXA-UD3

I am upgrading my i3-540/P55GD-80 to an FX-6100 hexacore/990FXA-UD3. This will be my gaming and internet browsing machine. Why bother with bulldozer you ask? :

1. Curious to see for myself what the performance was like compared to what I had.
2. Wanted to learn to overclock an AMD chip
3. Was bored and wanted something new

I purchase both the FX-6100 chip and Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 at NCIX for $352.
All other parts I was already using.

XFX 850W psu (existing)
MSI GTX 480 (existing)
2x80GB intel ssd's (existing)
2x4GB Mushkin blackline ram (existing)

My only gripe with this board so far is that it uses plastic pushpins on the vrm heatsink and northbridge heatsink. The vrm heatsink is very loose, and can be wiggled/lifted off with very minimal effort. I will probably try and remove these and put in some screws at some point.

also, a power/reset button would have been nice, but since this is a UD3 I guess you get what you pay for

System Assembled on tech station:

So the system is assembled and the ssd's are configured in raid on the AMD sata controller. Had to install raid driver before windows could see the drive. Windows installed fine, system is setup and working great - no issues at all.

I will be transferring my H212 cooler over to the board tomorrow. My plan is to upload some basic benchmarks. I want to compare this system with my i3-540 to get an idea of the performance of this bulldozer chip.

I'm going to run cinebench 11.5, pcmarkvantage, and maybe play with BF3 a bit. I merely want to get some numbers for comparison sake to see if I am ahead in performance after this "upgrade".

**Please note these results should be taken with a grain of salt as I am not an expert at benching. I will leave that up to the wicked reviewers here at HWC.

Ill have the numbers up sometime tomorrow evening.
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