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My System Specs


After a few weeks of use I pulled off the grills and noticed the foam surround had completely dry rotted and self destructed. Glad I noticed when I did because could have ruined the voice coils and JBL does not make the 136a transducer recone kits anymore. I would have been stuck with a kit that is compatible but not original.

I sourced out a guy that makes replacement foam surrounds and in-depth instructions to DIY. I spent about 4 hours removing the original surround as it turns to a gooey, tar like gel that gets everywhere. I have to treat the baskets with methyl ethyl ketone to remove the adhesive so I get a good install on the surrounds, then should be good for another 35 years :)

Some more pics.

Here is the sub with the dent in the cone. Going to try to remove it before attempting replacing.

Here is the rear of the cone (the hardest to clean off for new surround)

Here is the pair on the workstation :)

This is the rear of the alnico magnet structure with the serial number badge

Hope all goes well on the surround install
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