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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
There's ALWAYS a next Gen "better" Card looming on the horizon.....!! Wouldnt hold out for Kepler until perhaps April / May 2012 (unsure of Radeon), although Fermi is "long in the tooth" as one poster mentioned, 2 580's in SLi still is a mega power house for high Res gaming ;)
Also, dont count on seeing "big" price drops on old tech when new GPU's come out, most old tech stuff simply goes EOL and the stock that is left generally stays at a premium price until stock is gone9usually its not a lot of stock).....maybe a small reduction, but thats about it, then the old tech is simply gone.....other than purchasing used.
Where you see this biggest price drop is the used market

Lots of people racing to get rid of their "old" card. Great time to get a second card, imo.
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