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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Wait so you are saying that Apple went and screwed up even more stuff for me? Look I really like the game and well have put in a ton of time on it, but that said the UI is crap. I guess that shows how good the rest of the game is, as with a UI this bad, the fact that I still play it is amazing.

Here are a couple articles that really explain the problems:
User Interfarce: Skyrim’s Silly Choices | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

A Child rapist, Hitler, and the Skyrim UI Designer walk into a bar… « Hardcore Casual

Oh one more little annoyance, it seems like this game along with Fallout 3, I can't adjust the volume on my Corsair HS1 headphones. Seriously the volume on the cable stops working in game. So if I want to adjust the volume I have to alt-tab out adjust the volume and then alt-tab in. So annoying!
Can't wait until the modding community get a new UI. Still it's really minor the whole game makes up for it.
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