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Default desktop, laptop replacement for my desktop replacement Laptop

Ok, so i think i killed my poor laptop... its one of those big 17" monsters with the integrated numberpad... otherwise known as a desktop replacement laptop...

I bought the big laptop because i do a LOT of traveling and spend a LOT of time away from home, so, being a gamer i need a powerful computer, its been pretty good so far but over time the heatsink on the o'l girl got plugged off, and because i usually use a cooler under my laptop i didnt really notice, but i forgot the cooler at home this time and after leaving the laptop on, with FSX running in the background over night, i came back an could hardly touch the keyboard, turns out the gpu sensor was reading 85 degrees C, i can imagine what the rest of the unit was at... Anyways, i tore it down and cleaned out the fan and the heat sinks, it still works... mostly, the dvd drive is hardly working and i'm getting alot of artifacts while playing FSX and also i'm getting about 10 fps BETTER than i ever managed before... so i expect its going to die any day...

After browsing through the current crop of laptops it occured to me that other than the special $$$ custom laptops from dell hp asus ect the powerful laptop market is in a recession. For the price of a laptop with better performance than my current laptop i could buy 2 top of the line home computers so i decided WTF all these htpc computers are quite small, what the heck do i "really" need a laptop for? its not like i ever use it anywhere that doesnt have a power outlet anyway (any laptop out there is going to last about 10 mins playing fsx ;) and that, and exel sheets is pretty much all i do with em anyway) so i think i'm going to look into a portable box computer. now i'm not too sure what i need in a mini pc since my computer that i built at home wont even fit in a regular box heh, small isnt true to my nature, so i ask you all... i need a "small" (as in will fit in my trucks back seat) with massive amounts of power. Heres what i was thinking

4 gb ram (help me out here)
mainboard (help me out here too, i know nothing of mini boards)
8800 gt (can we get sli on mini boards?)
i want 2 very fast hard drives in raid, prefurably more... but i have to think smallish...
(how many mb/s does a 2 drive raid array get with 7200rpm 32mb drives get? i want more than 100mb/s performance even if i have to get a larger box to fit more than 2 drives in it)
i want to overclock... is there a small form factor very good air hsf to take my q6600 to at least 3 ghz (considering the 2.6ghz version to get 3 ghz if i cant cool a small box enough to get 3)

basically i want the most powerful computer available in a box the size of my cell phone... is this too much to ask ??? hehe... well... as small and portable as i can get it anyway... drives are most important i think... i just cant stand the sluggishness of single drive settups... and i know dual drive raid drives really arnt much better... how many mb/s do dual raptors get? I'm almost willing to go with ssd... if i can get 2 for under 500...

The way i see it, i'm going to have to pay 3000.00 for a laptop that will do what i can do with a 1000 dollar desktop, and i actually use my laptop more than i use my desktop (about 80 % of my total pc time actually) and i dont "really" need it to be a laptop, space isnt "really" an issue, other than getting it from one place to another, so i dont mind spending a bit on it... so lets give this project a price tag of no more than 3000 including a big monitor or 2 smaller ones. Remember, power and compact size are both paramount... even though they really are opposites ;)

(edit) I realize i might be in the wrong section, but i thought it best here because of the experience people have in this section reguarding the small nature of an htpc

vista 64 on these rigs
Q9450 @ 3.5Ghz | E8400 @ 4.2Ghz
8gb Muskin Redline. | 2gb Kingston Hyperx
________________________________|_________________ ______________
EVGA 780i FTW ----\--||___||--/---- EVGA 780i SLI
Antec TP Quatro 1000W \ :==^==: / Antec TP Quatro 850W.
Nvidia 9800 GX2 X 2 SLI \|--o--|/ Nvidia 8800 GTS X 2 SLI
1X 500GB Western Digital. \_____/ 3X 150GB WD RAPTOR RAID-0

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