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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
I have not read about any changes in regards to WU sizes, but unless they change the deadlines to something crazy (ex. 2 days for 6904s), then the slowest of the G34s 2p rigs (like mine) should be able to complete WUs in time. At the moment, it's 3.5 days for a 6904.
Deadlines are def getting shorter.
Thus, we are shortening the deadlines of the BA projects.
Folding@home: Planned changes to "Big Advanced" (BA) projects, effective January 16, 2012

the key determining issue will be making the deadlines (especially since some people often spoof the number of cores the client detects anyway).
Folding Forum • View topic - PG announcement about Big Advanced Projects

How short will they be??? I've seen speculation but nothing from The Man so I don't want to spread rumours. Check out the folding forum thread linked above if you would like to read more. If I hear anything for certain (or anybody else does) can you please post in here, and I would appreciate even a PM.
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