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My System Specs


For internet browsing only? Go into our bst and find anyone selling a 775 setup.
Any dual core would do, really, a quad core maybe but no real advantage for your intended use. And you'd be well below your 500$ budget.

Additional Comments: I want to use xp any problems? Also would like the computer to be overbuilt for dependability and longevity.
Overbuilding a computer doesn't provide longevity or dependability. That's all in the user's hand.

My computer runs like a champ, and it's been running like a champ forever. If I was to let my mother-in-law use it, it'd become slow and sluggish within a week. The longevity and dependability element is approx 20" from the screen.

You should look into replacing that Win XP with Win7. And don't look back for many years to come.
Win XP was a great platform and it's been proven and all... but really... Get Windows 7 for your new rig.

So... in your shoes I'd be looking for a dual core 775 setup with 4gb ram or more and go Win7 64bit.
If that computer stays a Web browsing computer, it'll serve you right for many years and it will likely cost you less than 250$. For the very slim price difference though, you may want to look into a quad core instead of a dual core.

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