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Default Looking at replacing my HAF932 : need suggestions

hi everyone !

I've had my 932 for almost two years now i think ? got in on sale at 130$ free shipping if i recall correctly...

now as much as I love its space and airflow, the lack of any form of dust filter turns it into a real vacuum cleaner as my room is quite dusty.

in the last couple weeks, i've been looking at some cases, but not one really gets my attention.

but after I saw Linus' unboxing and overview of the new Antec P280, I think i really like the case. the only downside is that there is no window on the side panel.

so im posting this to get your opinions !
here is what I'm looking for :

- EATX or a big ATX with bottom mounted power supply as I'm upgrading my system soon and aiming at going SLI and I like big cases
- DUST FILTERS mandatory at the bottom and at the front for intake fans
- Ideally side window panel big enough to see my setup (I dont really like the haf932's tiny panel)
- Dont need too many 5 1/4 bays, at least 3x 3 1/2 bays
- Top 2x120mm fans mounting at the top in case I go H100 (not mandatory)
- Price point : ideally under 200$

I saw the P280 was 140$ on ncix. love it but no window
the 800d is awesome obviously, but really too big and too expensive for my needs.

thanks in advance !
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