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Default OCZ Synapse SSD first impressions

So I installed a new OCZ Synapse 64GB SSD today. For those of you who don't know this drive is a cache drive that uses Dataplex software to cache the most frequently used files on your boot drive on the SSD. The drive has a 50% over provision to improve the life of the drive so basically with the 64GB you get 32GB of Cache. The price of this drive was $125. I was using a 1.5TB WD Black as my primary boot drive and haven't moved to a SSD boot drive because the minimum size I'd be happy with would be 256GB and I didn't want to spend that kind of money, in addition to that I've heard many horror stories of the SSD drives just crapping out.

This drive only work with Windows 7 and will work with 2TB or smaller drives, the drive you are using has to be the boot drive.

After installing the drive and software I was prompted for a reboot. I began recording with my stop watch how long it boot Windows to load. I load a lot of stuff on boot up so my boot time is a little higher than most I would imagine.

I load a ton of Windows Gadgets, MSI Afterburner, Core Temp, HWMonitor, Impulse, Steam, Origin, iTunes, Printer/Scanner software, APC software, etc. I also loaded Google Chrome with 6 tabs. The total time was 5:57. Yeah that is a long time. Windows was usable well before that but I recorded until everything was fully loaded and the HDD stopped cranking.

I rebooted again and this time to get to the exact same state and the HDD activity idle was 1:23. WOW what I drop.

I rebooted a third time and it was now 1:14. On the forth and fifth attempt it was 1:13. That is a total of 4:44 seconds saved. Crazy stuff. This thing seems to work.

I decided to try Photoshop next. 52 seconds to load the application and three 15 mega pixel pictures. 2nd attempt was 21 seconds. third forth and fifth attempts were down to 9 seconds. WOW.

Loading World of Warcraft right into Stormwind was 1:17 on the first run. By the third attempt it was down to 23 seconds.

Loading BF3 went from 47 seconds to 24 seconds by the third attempt.

Skyrim went from 41 seconds to 22 seconds by the third attempt.

After going back to Photoshop it was still quick.

This drive seems to offer the best of both worlds. Instead of me having to decide what I want to install on the SSD so it will be fast the software does it for me. This allows me to continue to fill my 1.5TB drive (with about 115GB free right now) and get speed from the items I use the most. If I stop playing Warcraft I don't need to move it to a slower drive as it will eventually work its way out of the cache and something else will take it's place.

So far I'm very happy with this. Feel free to ask any questions.
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