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Default Ubuntu overclock help

Hey guys Im very new to linux,

I installed Ubuntu in a dual boot setup with Win7. When I boot into Windows it'll sit at 1600mhz 0.8v or so until I put a load on it then it clocks up to 4.43ghz at 1.38V where it runs 24/7. So I install Ubuntu and....

When I boot into Linux cat /proc/cpuinfo just shows default 3400mhz

dmidecode shows 3549mhz for some reason. Both these were done under Linux with all 8 threads at 100% load.

When I restart and boot back into windows, same old story 1600mhz at no load 4430mhz at load.

Now heres where my real confusion sets in, I use this machine for folding and I heard it runs faster in linux. So running 7504 units mostly in windows at 4430mhz it clocks in right around 3 minutes a frame, give or take 5 seconds. In linux it clocks in nearly 30 seconds per frame faster at 2:35 a frame give or take 5 seconds.

Based on these frame times I think in Linux it is running at 4430mhz but I cant tell. I installed CPU-Z under WINE and it shows 3549mhz also. Anyone know anything I can do to just confirm the true speed its running at?

Ive got a 2600k
Asus P8Z68-Pro
Win 7 Home Pro 64 bit
Ubuntu 64 bit 10.04


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