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Shadowmeph, probably the issue is that some people are trying to cut corners, lured by the big bonuses of bigadv units, and while the overclocked CPUs were powerful enough to finish the job, probably a lot of units got scraped too because of the instability of the said machines while creating o shortage for the machines that needed no modifications to complete them. The first bunch cutting corners were the owners of core i7 quad cores (all families with their 4cores/8threads) overclocked 3.8GHz and up. The second bunch is made of the members of "4.0 GHz and up" club Thuban owners together with the core i5 2500k@4.5GHz gang. All these guys are running after bigadv because of the bonus, leaving regular SMP units to guys like me and you that have not got such a powerful hardware and it creates a high discrepancy in the results. Maybe they got more than enough simulation results for one type of activity but they still need other data processed as well. So, by dramatically increasing the requirement for big adv, they force all the aforementioned gangs to do what is required now, to output the simulation results they need. But I have one question here : who will decide what unit you get? If you have an old client it doesn't know of the new changes? How will that be done? The new clients will be aware of the new changes or how will that be done?
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