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Originally Posted by Jbachmann96 View Post
I need some help choosing a 3D monitor. I have a quick question about the Acer GD235HZ you unboxed, have you ran into any major problems if so what kind of problems. I am looking for a good 3d monitor in the $350ish to $450 range plus I still need glasses and emitter within that budget ($100 for glasses and emitter). I've been looking at the LG D2342P, Samsung S23A750D, and the Samsung S23A950D (both the Samsung S23A750D and the S23A950D have built in 3D emitters and come with glasses but I am unsure if it is compatible with my gtx460 graphics card and tridef). I need some input on this choice as it is a big decision. What do you believe would give me the most "bang for my buck"? also I am lookin for one that will last that doesnt have any major issues like part of a screen is dead.

If you know of any monitors that are within $500; list it I might be a little flexible with that budget.
Thank You
Joe Bachmann
I have the Acer 24" 3D monitor right now. The 3D visuals are great, wearing the glasses does take some getting use to. I'm on the fence right now about selling this screen and going to a single 30" or going triple monitor non 3D using eyefinity. I was considering going three monitor 3D but the costs and complexity start to get out of budget . Keep in touch I may be selling my monitor before long. Oh, and BTW , I have only run the screen a few hours at most, it is not a primary computer. I only use it to flightsim and I got side tracked in other projects. Now just starting to get interested again since the winter is fast approaching and th e real plane will be in the hanger soon.
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