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My System Specs


There are quite a few competent 16:10 24" offerings these days.

For fast paced gaming the Dell U2412M, HP ZR2440W and ZR24W are good screens.

For good all-rounders there are the Asus PA246Q and Dell U2410. They're not bad gaming screens either, they're just a bit slower in terms of input lag versus their less capable, but lower-cost little brothers above.

Between the U2711 and Samsung S27A850 there is no doubt that the Dell monitor is better built/higher-quality, more capable, more inputs and a better overall package, but I like the lower grain/smoother anti-glare of the Samsung model more, as well as the "closer to sRGB" panel.

Wide gamut is useless for most people, and while the Samsung is slightly above standard, sRGB gamut, it's close enough for my tastes. I do prefer the LED back-light of the Samsung to the Dell's wide gamut CCFL back-light simply because it generates less heat.

The lowest lag 27" is the HP ZR2740W, though it has the slowest response time by a hair. It has an LG IPS panel like the Dell, but is around $700.00 last time I checked ShopBot.

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