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Originally Posted by trancewhiiz View Post
Wow!! Those must have cost you an arm and a leg. L300's are highly sought after vintage speakers. I bet they weigh a ton

Originally Posted by Keywork View Post
Where did you find them out of curiosity? They look great. The wood finish looks mint! I'm assuming you have the covers for them?
Hey Guys :)

It is a bitter sweet story actually. They were my Dad's and he passed away a few years ago, they were caught up in his complicated estate. I walked away with them for $600 No-one involved would appreciate them, or the money the would have fetched, so I just kept quiet and put in a bid that would work.

The finish is perfect, it just needs some TLC and I am in the hunt for someone close to recondition the subs. I actually just noticed last night how bad the one foam surround is on one speaker is and the other has a dent in the dust cap.

I do have the original grills but they have been recovered with non-original cloth. I will source out some replacements (have already on the lansing heritage site just need to order) and bring them back to stock.

I am considering changing the crossovers to "charge coupled" design, but will also rework the originals and store them.

My Dad bought the L300's, Pioneer Spec-1 and Spec-2 tuner and turntable (all of which I scooped) in '76 and they were all babied other than a few huge parties that were heard for miles :) Eventually I plan to build a retro rack filled with vintage gear for a showpiece system. Should look pretty good!

And to answer your question trancewhiiz, they do weigh a ton LOL. I just about blew an o-ring just moving them :)
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