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My System Specs


looks solid, the 2600k is a very good chip, but like the one lad said, you will not notice its benefit in most games, usually just for "work" tasks, the 2500k is just a better deal for "gamers"

Also MSI Twin Frozr III might be a better pick, or if ou can see it XFX XXX 6950 2gb dual fan model, the XXX is simply the one that has its core speed clocked at 830 on the core, it is one of the best 6950 available, it overclocks very nicely, and its cooler works extremely well. The only other one besides the 2 I listed would of course be Sapphire Toxic. A few of my buds got the XFX XXX dual fan on my recommendation, and they perform extremely well, under load they are getting the same temps as my 6870 overclocked around 58c at stock fan settings.

For power supplies there is also Antec TP 750 Gold if you wanted a gold unit or Corsair HX750(wicked good power supplies) or Corsair AX series which are also gold rated. No real "need" for gold certified power supplies, for the extra cost of the units you never really see the benefit over the cost of thier silver certified brothers. As example, HX750 vs AX750 at the time I was looking there was a price difference between these of around $45. leaving computer one fully loaded for 5 years it might pay itself off, I hardly call it worthwhile :P

anyways, it was just suggestion, Seasonic makes excellent power supplies, Corsair HX750 and HX1000 are Seasonic made units that are "gold" tested but Corsair "silver" certified, so we save a few $ :)
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