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My System Specs

Default Speakers.

Hey guys.

Just a note before I start this off... I've moved country and as such am ordering from a Ukrainian website (Russian language)

I've had to leave my sound-system at home and am looking for something decent but not necessarily loud.

2.1 is preferred but not required. As I'm in a medium sized room I'd like some bass but it's in an apartment so I won't be cranking them up very far.

I am using on-board sound (may some-day change this but for now it's staying on-board)
Budget is anything really. from 20 bucks to 200 if I can justify the quality for the cost (I'm a bang for buck kinda guy).

The site I'll be ordering from is
and I've been looking at | Edifier E3100 Black
at 53 dollars. I have to say I do like some of the edifier stuff and have been looking at everything from a c2 to c200

More a fan of traditional shape speaker (not domes / flat etc)

But I've very little knowledge about the massive selection and what's shit and what's good.

Any good input is appreciated.

P.S Wireless remote is a LARGE Bonus but not required. (for watching shows from the Couch)

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