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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
People who think Vista is all that and a cup of tea are obviously people who don't care much about the OS and just use their computer email and internet.

People who actually use their computers and are productive with them realize how much of a piece of crap Vista is and hence why the adoption to it is so bad for. People want flexibility and ease of use with their computers and people who have been using computers for 15+ years don't feel that with Vista.

So to answer the OP .. yes your copy of Vista will be junk in a few years.. just like Windows ME..

Enjoy buying into the hype :)
Uh, I do lots of different stuff w/ my computer (loaded w/ Vista) and it works better than my "old" XP machine.

Gaming, graphic design, 3D modeling, CAD design, photo-editing, movie-editing, office work, etc.

I really don't see why you keep making it seem like any computer running Vista is incapable of doing anything.
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