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I think a 3-year release is crap ... While I agree it probably shouldn't be 5.5 years like XP, I'd prefer something in the 4-year release area. The first 6-12 months after release have always been rough w/ Windows (Vista was probably the worst first 6 months in a long time) and, after the initial issues are ironed out, it's usually a good OS (i.e. Vista post-fall 2007 is pretty good). 2 years of good experience w/ an OS is too short, IMO.

I really don't have any faith in Windows 7 being released before the end of 2009. I'd guess 2010 at the earliest, probably late-2010. You figure Microsoft is going to want to do public beta and release candidate testing for at least a year and, with milestone's 2 and 3 not completed yet, I'd say it's still a way's off.
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