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Originally Posted by OmegaRED View Post
You will truly be disappointed if you go for either of those unless you plan to add a 2nd later on. I was in the exact same position and I ended up deciding on the 590 or 6990 and I chose the one with the most memory so I wouldn't go through this a 2nd time. Either wait until next month to see if the AMD 7000 series comes out or add a 5850/5870 for Tri-Fire. Tri-Fire seems to overcome all problems especially microstutter and in this case it will be very cheap to do.
I want to avoid the 590 and 6990 because they are, from what I understand, dual gpu chips as well, which is what I don't want(which is why I was looking at the 580 and 6970). I guess I should wait for the new gen of video cards, but I'm just getting frustrated with my current card right now.
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