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My System Specs


As far as stuttering, they tend to effect all cards, some less then others, the X2 cards, tend to suffer the least provided they are using proper communications bridges and the like.

The 2k series, 4k radeons, and lower end card of most generations, tend to use crappier bridges, tend to have bottlenecks in their specs compared to their bigger brothers sorta speak, and so stuttering tend to be a major issue for less costly cards more often then not, as well like some pointed out, Crossfire X or Quad sli, 4 cards or 2 X2 style cards, doesnt matter, they need enough pci-e communications, enough Vram, or enough other factors, 9/10 they just run out of Vram or bandwidth and tend to not be able to push the info as fast as they need to. High settings, hige resolution, or not enough cpu crunching power can really make this alot worse and therefore noticeable, like a lawnmower trying to chomp through 5ft grass, it tries, but doent like to :P

I know that with some Lucid stuff you can run multi-vendor and multi-gneration cards together, however performance was not always what it could be, example, gtx260 with gtx480, radeon 4870 with gtx460 and such, their drivers for the lucid chip at the time were not that good, and I believe MSI was one of the few that made a motherboard that used the chip that allowed this.

for sli/crossfire it all boils down to drivers, and the card, if you are using 2 of the same card one is LP and one is standard height, no problem, however if one is high clocked then the other, the faster card declocks to= the slower card, finally if I recall correctly it doesnt matter if its say an MSI card with a EVGA card, but it does matter that they are the same as in Vram amount, generation i.e a 560ti with 560ti not 560ti with 560 non ti etc.

AMD 6k series crossfire scling is superb compared to 5k and 4k series, however thier last 4 drivers have been veyr bad with newer games, I suppose, cannot expect a company as small as they are to be able to do everything like Nvidia can or Intel can. My answer has always been, less problems with 1 card, you want the best available, be prepared to pay for it, sometimes in more ways then one, we may not like it, but thats the way the cookie crumbles :P

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