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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
I've been running both Sli n Tri Sli for the past 4 yrs or so, never experienced the Micro Stutter, this is more isolated to Quad SLi (2xdual GPU Cards).

It is MOST certainly worth it for 1920x1200 Res or higher. As for some games not supporting SLi, again prettyuch another myth, yes brand new release games may go as much as a week or so before a new SLI Profile is incorporated into a Driver release, particularly for a very popular game.

Sorry cannot comment on ATI XF....ask Arinoth about ATI Drivers ;)
RJ, you will rarely run into micro-stutter if you're running the high end cards, which you seem to always be. Its the lower end cards with the lower amount of vRAM that gets full and you have the two cards communicating to each other.

As for as it goes with 6xxx series for AMD, absolute garbage drivers, at least for the 6870s in crossfire in eyefinity, as well as 6970s in crossfire in eyefinity (and not in it). I'd say go with nVidia if you'd like reliable performance for your games, AMD if you want to pay less and have spotty drivers.
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