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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Ed103194 View Post
SLI = Scalable Linkage Interface

can you SLI or crossfire diffrent cards together?
Nope, so gtx560ti with gtx560ti, hd6850 with hd6850

can you SLI or crossfire low profile card with a non-low profile one?
depends on the distance between your pci express slots, but you can find a pci express extender like shown in this image:

is it complicated to set up?
Nope, you can find many videos/ tutorials online to help you out

is it worth it?
Depends, you do get increased performance but at the expense of micro stuttering, and not every game fully
supports crossfire/sli. The best plan is to pick up a more powerful card see if its enough, if not pick another one up when the prices go down
I've been running both Sli n Tri Sli for the past 4 yrs or so, never experienced the Micro Stutter, this is more isolated to Quad SLi (2xdual GPU Cards).

It is MOST certainly worth it for 1920x1200 Res or higher. As for some games not supporting SLi, again prettyuch another myth, yes brand new release games may go as much as a week or so before a new SLI Profile is incorporated into a Driver release, particularly for a very popular game.

Sorry cannot comment on ATI XF....ask Arinoth about ATI Drivers ;)

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