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Originally Posted by Raansu View Post

I'm mostly looking at the radeon 6970 or the gtx 580, but leaning towards the 6970 as its cheaper. But again, I'm looking for some opinions before I consider buying a new card, since benchmarks don't always seem to mean good performance.
You will truly be disappointed if you go for either of those unless you plan to add a 2nd later on. I was in the exact same position and I ended up deciding on the 590 or 6990 and I chose the one with the most memory so I wouldn't go through this a 2nd time. Either wait until next month to see if the AMD 7000 series comes out or add a 5850/5870 for Tri-Fire. Tri-Fire seems to overcome all problems especially microstutter and in this case it will be very cheap to do.
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