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Skyrim doesn't seem to work. I haven't been able to pick 5760x1080 from the settings, I think it is possible through editing a file, but then the menus are stretched. There are a few people on widescreengaming that have been working on it since yesterday. There are a few problems, but they should be fixed.

I wish we were doing the developers' jobs. If that were the case, with debug tools, full source, etc., we'd have had this done in about two hours flat. Instead, we're attacking it from multiple angles: EvilEngineer and I have been trying to fix the interface's Flash files (which, admittedly, won't solve everything, but should make the game playable), Helifax is fixing things through memory hacks/injections/etc., and I'm not certain how Hayden goes about things, but it's safe to say he doesn't have source code either
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