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Originally Posted by OmegaRED View Post
I went from a 5970 to a 6990 and it's a huge upgrade and everything you wanted the 5970 to be (better crossfire scaling, double the memory). I expected tons of trouble with the drivers but so far nearly every single top game has been stellar it was never this easy with the 5970. Like you said, the 5970 still comes out near the top of most benchmarks but it doesn't feel that way because it chokes when it runs out of memory.

There currently is no single GPU card worth upgrading from a 5970, any of them would be a downgrade unless you intend to use SLI or Crossfire in the future. You could add a 5870 for Tri-Fire for a nice boost that would be really inexpensive but yield a big boost in performance.
See, that's what has been bothering me. It should technically be a beast, but it seems to have issues with actual gaming. That's why I'm looking around for opinions of people that have a bit more technical experience than me, as I only know like the bare bones of this stuff lol. It just seems to me like dual gpu's in a single card or otherwise seem to have issue's, so I want to find a card thats a single gpu card that will perform at or better than the 5970 on a performance level for actual games and not just in benchmarks, but people seem to always say the same thing with regards to the 5970 choking when it comes to gaming, but then anything else would be a downgrade, so it just always makes me scratch my head and I tell myself to just stick with my card till the next generation of gpu's come out, but patience has never been my strong point lol.


I'm mostly looking at the radeon 6970 or the gtx 580, but leaning towards the 6970 as its cheaper. But again, I'm looking for some opinions before I consider buying a new card, since benchmarks don't always seem to mean good performance.

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